‘This open-door immigration policy can’t go on’ – Sir Nicholas Soames and Frank Field in The Telegraph

25 January 2016

This past week has seen growing confusion, indeed, chaos as the EU struggles to tackle the huge flow of migrants and asylum seekers that has continued even in the winter months. The spectre of compulsory quotas of asylum seekers has raised its head once again, albeit vigorously opposed by the East Europeans. Fortunately the UK […]

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Telegraph Online – ‘ID cards are a good idea – and now is the time to talk about them’

10 December 2015

We must put the security of our realm at centre stage and look again at Labour’s identity card scheme By Frank Field MP and Nicholas Soames MP The biggest mistake of the coalition government was to scrap Labour’s identity card scheme just as it was nearing fruition. Now, in the aftermath of Paris, the security […]

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Frank Field in the Telegraph-‘Labour and Tories will be ‘broken up’ by immigration’

22 December 2014

Labour and the Conservatives could both break up because they have failed to recognise the scale of public feeling over immigration, a senior Labour MP has said. Frank Field, a former welfare minister, suggested that increasing numbers of MPs will reject their own parties’ policies on immigration and run for election making their own independent […]

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Statement on the Latest Immigration Statistics

27 February 2014

Following the publication of the latest immigration statistics, Frank Field and Nicholas Soames of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration said: “These figures confirm that government policy is working where it can. But the increase in EU migration clearly poses new issues.”  

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Letter To Editor of the Spectator

28 February 2013

Sir: We most warmly commend the courage of Professor Meirion Thomas (‘The next NHS scandal’, 23 February) in lifting the lid on the appalling abuse of the NHS by foreign visitors. It has been going on for years but has been covered up by the culture of fear that has pervaded that organisation. We stand […]

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Access to the NHS – Article in The Sun

27 November 2012

If you thought that the NHS stood for National Health Service, think again. Since last July it has become the International Health Service but paid for, of course, out of your taxes. That was when the government sneaked out new instructions to family doctors with no public announcement and certainly no debate. Doctors must now […]

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