Balanced Migration Group – Key points on population growth

17 March 2015

This briefing note provides information on the causes of the UK’s population growth

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Balanced Migration Population Pamphlet

18 June 2014

This note provides information about the UK’s future population growth and the impact of immigration on that growth.

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Romania and Bulgaria- A Quick Guide

16 December 2013

This note provides background information for the Westminster Hall Debate on immigration from Romania and Bulgaria on 19 December. It is a guide to the issues around the end of transitional controls on the movement of Romanians and Bulgarians to the UK on January 1st, 2014.

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Britain is Open for Business-Quick Guide

14 October 2013

The UK remains very much open for business. There are numerous categories under which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study, allowing people to invest in and start up companies as well as allowing existing companies to recruit workers from outside the EU to fill skills gaps in the labour force. Moreover, there are no numerical limits on business visas except work permits, capped at 20,700 of which only half have been taken up. There has been nothing to prevent employers from bringing in skilled workers if they are really needed.

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Post Study Route to working in the UK

3 November 2010

The number of people coming to the UK to study has grown dramatically in the last twenty years. Since the introduction of the Points Based System (PBS) this growth has accelerated to nearly one thousand a day, including dependants; there is still no check on departures. Download the PDF to read the full paper.

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Speeches by Co-Chairmen in House of Commons debate on ‘Population and Immigration’

2 February 2010

The Co-Chairmen of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, Frank Field MP and Nicholas Soames MP, gave speeches in an Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall, House of Commons, which had been initiated by Nicholas Soames.

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Declaration on Population

6 January 2010

Leading Parliamentarians, including former Speaker Baroness Boothroyd and former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, signed the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration’s Declaration on Population.  The Declaration calls on the major parties to make manifesto commitments to take action to prevent the UK population reaching 70 million in under 20 years, as is officially projected. Download […]

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70 Million is Too Many

4 January 2010

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Update No.2 – Immigration: Ten Key Facts

28 April 2009

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Population out of control: Why present policies cannot keep our population even to 70 million

4 January 2009

The government have assured the public that the population of the UK will not be allowed to reach 70 million and that their new Points Based System (PBS) will ensure that this is achieved. Unfortunately, this cannot possibly be so. Download the PDF to read the full paper.

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